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Web-based software

Web-based software is safer and more reliable than any software we use

Web-based software is a software that can be accessed via internet browser. No need for download, installation or updates. Although the term "web-based" may not sound familiar to many, this type of software is used on a daily basis - Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, Mail.Ru and online banking are all web-based software.

Choosing a web-based software for business purposes has many benefits. It's safer than other solutions on the market - meaning that all the personal data, account and transaction information cannot be accessed without an authorization. Transmitted information is stored in a server which prevents leakages and data theft.

Web-based software is accesseble from every part of the world, at any time - which makes it perfect for international companies and enterprises to use, without the need for renting an extra office. With multiple successful projects behind their back, our developers' team has the ability and the know-how to build, test and present the ultimate web-based software solution for every business.