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Re-design, reconstruction and mobile version of a website

Web design, reconstruction and mobile version can rapidly boost website traffic and conversions

It's scientifically proved that people decide and make primal assumptions based on what they visually perceive. They are attracted by shapes and colors, not by usability. The same goes for all websites and online platforms. The first thing that visitors come across when entering a website is its design - the color palette and all visual elements like icons, fonts and pictures used. If the design does not appeal to them they leave the site, perhaps never to return again.

That's why the web design is of such a great importance. Sometimes, even the slightest and most unnoticeable change in colors, re-designed brand logo or font could turn the tide in favoure of the website's owner. But it has to be professionally done and to correspond with bran's ideas and goals.

Our web designers have the skills and well-developed sense of aesthetics - the main key qualities, that guarantee professional re-design with a positive outcome.

Sometimes, it's just a new design that a website needs, but also a little reconstruction - adding, deleting or re-arranging different page sections. Although it may sound frightening, site reconstruction is inevitable when a business wants to retain its customers or to expand.

With the rapid evolution of technology and the fact that most internet users enter the network via their mobile devices, a mobile version of a website is must. Its functionality and availability helps the business strengthen the connection with its clients.

SEO and WEB's dev team is composed of professionals which would take your idea, develop it and turn it into a fully functioning mobile website.