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Over the past decade Social media marketing (known also as SMM) has turned into a powerful business tool, but only when used proper. More than half of Earth's population use social media on a daily basis, for more than four hours a day. This makes the SMM an ideal environment for brands to look for new customers and to expanding their businesses.

In its essence, SMM is a the process of sharing unique content via different social channels like Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat - hoping to reach out to their existing customers, find new one and boost sales.

Through out the power of unique content, social media marketing is capable to directly interact with people, build relationships, gather real-time feedback on products and services and use it as a basis for future improvements.

Being relatively cheap, SMM can in fact help a brand build a reputation and strengthen its positions in the digital world. A well-established social media business profile can catch the attention of search engines. When it does, the search engine will take it as a positive signal and will shoot the brands' website on its front pages - giving the chance to pop up in front of users' eyes every time they search the net.

Not the least important is the fact that through social media channels and networks, marketers can do a thorough research and create a profile of their ideal client. This is of a great help when a business has to determine what a customer would want and how to get.

There are few key factors that are at the basis of a successful social media marketing - unique content, excessive targeted audience research and finding the right social networks people use.This all could take a lot of time and resources - something most businesses cannot afford. Our social managers have the skills and knowledge to run a successful social profile that would drive website traffic and sales.